Brands I Love: Keen

A couple of years ago I saw an ad in a magazine for Keen Footwear. Before that moment I had never heard of them, but something about the ad and the look of the shoe made me check them out. Since then you can find me wearing their shoes pretty much all the time. While I'm not a shoe guy at all, I have found that they are the perfect mix of comfy and functional. Especially when I'm running around the woods or jumping in a canoe. Actually, since I don't get to do either of those things as often as I'd like, most of the time I only get to rock them running around the office, house and suburbia. *laugh*

While Teva's are still my favorite sandals that you'll find on my feet almost all summer, I love the culture and vibe of Keen and this video they released today kind of shows everything that I love about the company. I still remember randomly seeing someone at SXSW last year tweeting about Keen and I showed them that I was wearing them and they gave me a t-shirt with a Keen version of the Fail Whale. I laugh every time I wear it.

Keep up the great work guys!

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