Do What You Love

What do you love to do? Me and My CameraTake a few minutes and really think about that. Not what you like doing or don't mind doing, but what you love to do.

An easy way to think about this is if you had a free afternoon with no worries and could spend it doing anything you wanted what would it be?

There are a full twelve months of 2010 ahead of each of us and while many of those hours will be spent slaving away for a paycheck, sleeping and dealing with the commitments of our lives, I hope that many of you will find the time to spend doing what you love every week.

I love to shoot photos. I love to meet people. When asked why I always have a camera with me, it is because I love taking photos of people. Whenever I get a chance I am doing it because it is something I love.

I also love to cook and while I do it almost every night for my family, it is even more fun when I get to do it for other people so I'm hoping to have a few dinner parties this year where I can do this. Again, I'm making the time to do something I love.

Life is too short not to make time for the things you love. While there are only 24 hours in a day and 168 hours in a week, be sure to take at least a few of those to keep yourself happy and sane by doing the things you love.

Figure out what you love to do and then get out there and do it.

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