End of the Decade

End of the Decade


This is one of those weeks where time stands still. Lots of people take the week off, the kids are home from school and this year we have the added fun of a big snow storm here in New England.

This week always finds me looking back at the year we are about to finish up and looking ahead to the year ahead of me. Add in this year that it is the end of the decade and it makes me even more reflective than usual.

I'm not alone in my reflections and forward planning. Just this morning I was reading about snow daysremoving obstacles and recognizing idiots. If you need some incentive to kick start the new year, those posts should help get you going.

But, what I know is coming is an onslaught of lists, resolutions and predictions of the future. Most of it will be useless drivel to help search engine rankings rather than actually giving you something to savor. People give me a hard time because I slam SEO sometimes, but what I'm slamming is the idiots who use it to base their direction in life and there is much more to this giant blue marble then SEO my friends.

2011 is going to be a great year. It isn't going to be an easy year. It isn't going to be without its own unique sense of cluster fucks, heart aches and moments of complete insanity. It also won't be without success, triumph and good times away from the masses with close friends. I don't know what next year or the next decade has in store for me, but I do know that I'm not going to wait and let IT decide which direction I'm going to go in.

Laura asked me yesterday what my resolutions were for the new year. For the first time in a long time my honest reaction was that I didn't know yet. I've been so focused on the moment of now, that I haven't let myself really look forward in a while. Content Rules has been my primary focus for so long and will continue to be in the coming months, but what after that. Where does my road diverge and head to next?

Looking back, I've had a damn good decade. My family, my career and my over all life have improved greatly and if there is one goal that I've always had for myself, it is to constantly improve everything around me.

If you are reflecting, planning and scheming for the future, do so with everyone around you in mind as well. Make sure that you are figuring out ways to help out others, work with great people and share the success you achieve. It makes life much more fulfilling.

Be good. Be active. Make the end of the decade just the beginning of the future.

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