Making The Most of the Minutes

Tribecca Grand ClockI wake up every morning and ponder the day ahead. Now that I'm completely on my own, I get to choose what I do with my day. Each minute is my own to focus in on what I want to do with it. And yet, two months out since leaving Campfire, I haven't been to the movie theater once, I haven't hiked a mountain and I've only been in my kayak once. Part of me is upset by that, but in reality I'm not because I'm trying to fill every minute of the day with something productive. I've got plenty to keep me busy right now.

As I think the minutes and contemplate the days, I'm really narrowing down the professional roles that define myself.

Speaker I love public speaking and people seem to enjoy when I do it. I plan on it being a core part of my career going forward and already I'm watching the audiences I speak to grow and diversify which makes me very happy. Next weekend I'm a keynote speaker to a large lumber co-op. May not sound sexy to some, but I'm excited because I love talking with anyone who wants to leverage the online space with their business and these people are excited by it.

Of course, to keep doing this well I need to continue to spend time on my presentation skills. Watching people like Mitch Joel and Julien Smith take to the stage constantly challenges me to speak better. The nice thing about my new freedom is that I get to spend more time on each presentation thinking about it in greater detail. I've never had that time before and now I do.

Author Since I was little, I've always had the goal to get a book published. With Content Rules hitting shelves shortly, that dream will come true. I've been blessed with an amazing co-author in Ann Handley who wants to make this the best possible book just like I do. We've spent a lot of time in making sure that everything is right and these past few days have had me reading through the page proofs one final time to try and catch any little mistake.

As we gear up for the book tour, it gets really exciting because that means we'll be out there in the wild talking to people about the book and getting reactions to our words. I'm curious to see what people think. Of course, I have no intention of this being my one and only book and have already started plotting out some possible next ones.

Entrepreneur I've always had the drive to steer my own ship and it is clear to me that while it may not run in my family, I was born to be an entrepreneur. My latest adventure is certainly Digital Dads which started out as nothing more than a passion project of mine, but is growing into something much bigger. Now with a consulting practice, a weekly live video show and a much more focused strategy, it is more of a business than just passion.

Clarence Smith Jr. has been vital in helping me take this to the next level and to constantly challenge me to focus even sharper than before. He is the text book definition of a friend and come the end of 2011, I'm excited where Digital Dads should be. Of course with some other things brewing I know this won't be the only venture I'll be involved with.

Adviser While it may not be the most financially rewarding goal, it is one of the most satisfying roles that I find myself in. Every time I record an episode of Managing the Gray, I view it as a little one-on-one advisory session for each listener. Sure, it may be a bit of life coaching or motivational speaking, but I'm OK with that. When my words can help someone do better, I'm happy.

I also get to do this in a more formal capacity by being a formal adviser, fellow or board member for great organizations like Wediko, Know My Word and Isis Parenting. Each of these provide me with a unique opportunity to use my skills and knowledge to hep others. I love that.

Blame it on the wind or the cold I'm fighting off, but I woke up really reflective this morning. Actually I think it has more to do with flipping the calendar to October than anything else, but it felt really good to share.

Are you making the most of the minutes?

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