Quicky Update From the Bahamas

Well I've got to say that I wasn't ready to enjoy the Bahamas so much. I'm not much of a beach guy and while I've been to Hawaii a couple of times when thinking about vacations, the tropics are not my first choice. But, after a couple of days here at Atlantis as part of the Jet Adventure I've got to say that I'm really liking it.

The Chapmans at Atlantis

I'm having a horrible time trying to upload photos so those will have to wait. But, as I sit here listening to the crashing ocean waves through my open balcony it calms me to the point where I just wanted to share some thoughts before heading down to grab breakfast and some very needed coffee.

Having the whole family here is what makes this special. We've been having a great time together. The Atlantis Kid Adventures (which is what they flew us here to check out) is pretty damn impressive. Gamer rooms, a studio and stage, a room of iMacs, custom designed bathrooms and a kitchen that even I'm jealous of. I got a chance to talk to the designer of it all yesterday and she really went above and beyond to make sure that every inch of it is something that a kid will love and will be inspired to be creative from.

A full review will be coming on Digital Dads when I get home complete with lots of pictures, but I had a few minutes now while the kids were getting dressed and wanted to let everyone know at home that we are all doing well and having a blast.

Yesterday was spent mainly in the water and today we are starting off with beach Olympics. Meeting a ton of great travel writers, moms and dads as well. I'm very fortunate to have been asked to come down here and even more fortunate to share all the memories with my family. I don't think the smile on Emily's face after playing with a dolphin is ever going to leave my memory.

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The Chapman's Jet Adventure

An Atlantis Adventure