Working Hard to be Successful

I realized last night that I had passed my 8 year anniversary of this blog. In the past I had mentioned it in some way or talked about it and this year I didn't. No biggie. I was too busy doing other things that mattered more than patting myself on the back and I'm good with it. Realizing that it had been eight years did make me a little reflective though. People ask me all the time how I got to where I am and the answer is always the same, I've worked hard every day and it hasn't been easy.

This usually gets a laugh or some other strange reaction that I have never understand. The concept of working hard to be successful seems foreign to so many people.

Why is it that in a world where the news breaks faster then lightning and anyone can publish and share anything they create, do people not appreciate the fact that it takes a lot of work and years of experience to be successful?

Sure, there are overnight hits and lucky breaks. Luck plays a lot into everyone's career when you look back at decisions you've made and directions you've gone in. But, the most successful people in the world are the ones that work the hardest.

When I wrote my first blog post, I did it because it was the latest technology I wanted to check out. Before that I was active on Usenet and discussion forums. I had taught myself HTML while "on the beach" at my first job. I had been online since the first moment I found out about it and was always trying to figure out what more I could do.

What is the point of this post?

It is just to remind you that hard work is your best chance for success. Most of us who find any level of success are never satisfied and want the challenge of something new and we'll work even harder to make it happen.

Don't assume that anything will get handed to you or that someone had it handed to them. If you have dreams, goals and success that you want in your life then buckle down, plan it out and work your tail off trying to make it happen. Don't ever wait for success to find you. If you do, you'll be standing there for quite some time all alone.

That is what I wanted to share with you this morning.


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