Create To Succeed

Success is something we all strive for. As soon as we achieve a certain level of it, we want more. It is wired into those of us who have an entrepreneurial way of thinking.

The formula for success is something that professors, writers and parents around the globe have pondered since the dawn of time. While this may be overly simplifying the whole thing, I believe that at the heart of the matter it all depends on you creating.

Creating a company because you see an opportunity. Creating content to raise awareness for yourself. Creating relationships so that you are surrounded by good people. So many ways to look at creation and all of them point towards success when done right.

Recently, a friend commented on another friend's success and pondering how they had achieved it. My answer was that he was constantly creating across multiple channels so the chances of him being found and known were greater. Thinking and talking about doing things, is never the same as actually creating them.

This isn't a question of volume. As we talk about in Content Rules, anyone can create lots of stuff, but the key is to create engaging things that people will notice and share. Businesses have to create what potential customers will want to consume. Bloggers need to create what they want readers or brands to consume and notice them.

Any of us can walk into an event and collect a stack of business cards while shaking a bunch of hands. But, those who leave, follow up and create an actual connection with the people they meet are the ones that will form successful relationships.

So, the next time you hear someone complaining about not being successful enough tell them to shut up and start creating!