Pampers Father's Day Celebration

Anyone who knows me, knows how proud I am to be a dad. Being a parent is one of the most challenging and rewarding roles anyone can fill. Nothing quite like it. I started Digital Dads to meet other guys who also loved being dads and every day it feels like I meet someone new.

I'm psyched to announce that I've been hired by Pampers to host a BBQ in Boston to help celebrate the brand turning 50 and to celebrate the role dads play in the parenting equation.

My kids are long removed from diapers, so I had not heard about The Pampers Miracles Campaign they launched. This year-long Facebook based program was started to recognize that every baby is a little miracle to be celebrated, supported and protected.  What I dig most about it is the pay it forward focus on helping others and throughout the year they are posting new missions for people to take part in.

On Father's Day weekend there will be cook-out celebrations happening around the country sponsored by Pampers. These are invite only events to keep them intimate and fun, but I know we've got a few more openings for the Boston event if you are interested in coming down for great food and a great day. Plus, there will be ton of activities for you and your baby to have fun doing and your entire family is invited.

See you there?