The Next 365

The Next 365


This morning finds me in full on reflective mood as I look back at the last 365 days. A year ago, I spent the weekend with a few close friends challenging each other, setting goals and really getting to know one another better. We each had one month, end of 2010 and one year goals set and we kept nudging each other towards those. The balance of peer pressure with support is extremely powerful when done properly.

Looking back, I realize that I achieved all of my goals set that weekend and it feels good, but because of how I'm wired it now has me looking forward to what is next.

I already had these thoughts bouncing around in my head when I read Chris Brogan's birthday reflections over my morning coffee. He and I are certainly similar when it comes to never being able to completely settle on where we are and what we have achieved and always striving for more.

In the past year I left a successful company to set out on my own, co-wrote my first book, have been on stage in front of thousands of people and have found myself making some of the deepest friendships of my life. My family is happy and healthy and I have the most loving wife in the world. All in all I'm in a very good place.

Yet, I'm striving for more.

Last week started with a company needing to get whacked for forgetting the basics with me, but ended walking the streets of Boston shooting photos. Balance is amazing when you can actually make it happen.

I just began working on a new project that I'm excited about and continuing to help a select few clients that motivate me every day. I'm also booking new speaking engagements for the rest of the year and excited about where that will take me.

But, what goals should I set for the year ahead of me. What can the next 365 days hold for me to strive for?

That is the question I'm asking myself and reflecting on in these first of the morning hours. I've got two book proposals that I'm working on and a completely new idea that has been nibbling at the back of my brain for the past few weeks. I've got a couple of solid freelance writing projects I've been asked to take part in and I'm hoping to add more to my slate.

I haven't found the answers this morning, but I do know that I've got a close knit group of supporters who will be there to push me in whatever direction I ask them to push. Thank you to all of you who keep pushing and inspiring me. You know who you are because I try to say thank you all the time.

What are your goals for the next 365?


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Sunny Friday in Boston

Sunny Friday in Boston