A New Month is Upon Us

A New Month is Upon Us

I woke up this morning after far too short of a night. One of those where the mind won't stop going and thus early to bed isn't an option.

That being said, I woke up filled with purpose and direction today. I've been been able to successfully juggle the chainsaws that have been presented to me and I'm making good progress on a number of projects.

The new book is inching closer every day and I have a hard and fast deadline that no longer can be moved or missed without changing a lot of things so that is helping me focus.

There was also a need in my head this morning to record a new podcast and today it was on facing challenges.

Next week I'm going to be away the entire time and while what I'll be doing is exciting, I'm not a fan of being away from the family for that long. Looking at my schedule this month, there is quite a bit of travel in it. Just that time of year I guess.

June 1, 2012 is here. A new month on a Friday. Thirty days to leave our mark and do good in the world around us.

I may have woke up tired, but I also woke up filled with a desire to do more. Can't fully explain it, but needed to share it.

Hope this feeling is contagious!