For the Love of Travel

Growing up, the only traveling I did was from the back seat of the family car. It wasn't until I was in college that I  took my first airplane trip.

Few things make me more excited than going someplace I've never been before and looking at my schedule for the next month I've got some amazing places in my sights.

Next week I'll be in Santa Barbara, California filming something for Then I get to see Columbus, Ohio for the first time for Content Marketing World.

After that I'm combining a speaking engagement with a bit of vacation with Laura as we both head to TBEX Europe in Girona, Spain. The only other time we've traveled like this together was a quick trip to London several years ago, so we are both excited.

As if all that wasn't enough, I'm going to be jumping on the train after we get home from Spain to attend and speak at Podcamp East in Wilmington, Delaware.

The fact that I've never spent much time in any of these cities has me extra excited. I get excited becaue it means I'll throw what I need in my GORUCK and go out walking the streets with my camera. I'll meet strangers and try new food. I'll see things that I've never seen before and hear conversations that I could never hear anywhere else.

The memories that come from traveling is why I love it so much. There is only so much that one can experience if they never leave their home town or state.

For me it doesn't matter if I'm jumping in a car and driving somewhere an hour away or on to a plane to fly across the world. When I'm traveling is some of the happiest times in my life.