Limitations Spark Creativity

Limitations Spark Creativity

We wake up every morning with another day ahead of us.

Sure, we focus on the tasks, meetings and other items that must be done before we lay our head on our pillow for the night. But, if you are like me, you do just as much thinking about what must be done tomorrow, next week and in the months ahead.

I love train tracks because they always have a set destination. Even though there are switches and turns, they all lead somewhere that is set. That restrictive nature is a turn off to some and a warm embrace to others.

I've been thinking a lot about trains lately and as I looked at maps of where they can go throughout our great country the limitations of not being able to go everywhere is rather refreshing. This was unexpected since I live my life by the mantra of taking the road less traveled.

This all reminded me that limitations can spark creativity.

We all dream of unlimited budgets and more than 24 hours in a day. But, complete freedom can actually hinder you because you have nothing pushing you to complete. Having parameters that you have to play in forces you to produce.

Stop complaining about the things that you see as limits and rather look at them as a way to kick start your creative thinking and have fun producing amazing work.