Make Good Art

Even though I'm not a die hard fan of Neil Gaiman, I've always respected his work.

Anyone who has a drop of creativity in their system should watch this commencement address he recently gave. His advice to a graduating class of art students really hit home for me.

He talks about a mountain of success that he is walking towards and any offer that came to him he would ask himself if it would keep him on the path towards the mountain or turning away from it. I love that concept and it reminds me of Derek Siver's Hell yeah! test that I use all the time.

He also pushes that no matter what happens in your life, to always make good art as only you can. I love that.

Don't forget that "art" can really be anything. It might be your business. It might be photos. It is anything that you love doing.

Take the time to listen to this today. Trust me.