American Field Pop-Up Marketplace

American Field American made products make me happy, so when I heard about American Field Pop-Up Marketplace happening in Boston I knew I had to check it out.

The goal of the event is to bring together American made fashion and apparel brands and expose them to consumers so that they can become educated on all the great brands being made right here on our own soil.

It is amazing the variety of products that people are making here in the States and it was fun to walk around and see such high quality products for sale.

While I hope next year that they expand beyond just fashion, I had a great time talking to the owners and checking out the products. I went in expecting to buy something, but I would have never guessed it would have been my first dress hat from Goorin Brothers.

The All American #AmericanField Pop-Up Market

The All American #AmericanField Pop-Up Market

American made does cost more, but if more people bought this way we'd see more jobs created and prices would begin to go down.

Thank you to Ball and Buck for organizing this event and putting it on my radar. They had one of the coolest setups with a back of a pickup truck barbershop. Can't get more American than that can you?

The All American #AmericanField Pop-Up Market

Ball and Buck Barbershop

I really hope this turns into an annual tradition and that it continues to grow and attract both more vendors and attendees. We went on Sunday and it was packed.

Each ownern I talked to was very happy with the turnout. Definitely have to make sure the GORUCK team gets there in the future.