BlissDom Was Amazing

BlissDom Was Amazing


blissdom-content-creator How does a weekend in Grapevine, Texas with almost one thousand success driven women sound to you?

To me, it sounded like a near perfect way to spend this past weekend so that is exactly what I did when I jumped on a plane for BlissDom 2013.

As a professional speaker I attend a lot of conferences, but there was something different about BlissDom.

Sure, there were sponsors with their booths and fun give aways. Packed sessions with crowds that tweeted out the nuggets of wisdom shared from the stage. Keynote presentations full of inspiration and excitement.

But, there was also an overarching sense of friendship and helpfulness everywhere I turned.

The event organizers made it clear with their actions and words how much they valued every single person who was taking part in the event. It didn't matter if you were a speaker, top tier blogger or someone that was dragged by your friends to attend. Every person was openly welcomed and helped.

Many women focused conferences won't invite men to speak and that has always bothered me.

Taking the stage at BlissDom to share my approach to living an amazing life was a professional high for me. This is the exact type of audience I wanted to get the philosophy of my book in front of and thank you to the event team for making it happen.

The conference inspired me enough that yesterday I recorded a podcast encouraging others to step out into the unknown a bit more.

The only negative for me was when I found out from women trying to buy the book that the bookstore at the event did not have copies of my books.

When I approached them I did find a couple copies of Content Rules, but nothing like the stacks of other speaker books and not a single copy of Amazing Things Will Happen. When I asked about this I was told they "couldn't order any copies of that book."

Thank you to my Editor at Wiley who sent me her personal stash and to 800ceoread for the Saturday overnight delivery of the books from a single text message. Some day book stores might realize that working with authors will help their bottom line. The only book seller I've found so far who appreciates this is 800ceoread. I look forward to finding others.

Also, thank you to the event organizers for having a stern talk with the bookstore so that they magically ordered some for the next day (and proceeded to almost sell out). This was too late for me though so I happily gave away and signed all of my copies.

BlissDom is a unique conference and I encourage everyone out there to think about attending next year. While it is focused 100% on women, every session I went to was focused on being more successful in what you do and I learned plenty! The quality of every aspect of this event was head and shoulders above many other conferences out there.

Thank you ladies for a great weekend. See you next year?

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