How I'm Supporting #GivingTuesday

How I'm Supporting #GivingTuesday

getoutthegive-1 Today is all about giving.

It isn't about another sale, fighting in line for cheap electronics or being amazed that you can shop from your phone.

Today is #GivingTuesday and it is all about giving to those organizations you believe in and want to support.

I wrote about this on the YSN Blog and also on Social Media Explorer so you can get lots more details.

Because a big part of this day is to shine a light on the organizations we each love, here are mine. Each of them is a worthy cause if you have something left to give.

Wediko - I've served on the Board and they do amazing work with children from around the country. Their summer camp in New Hampshire is as beautiful as the work they do.

The Hockey Foundation - I was just added to the Board earlier this year and they focus on teaching kids leadership and teamwork skills through learning to play hockey. My friend Adam is the founder and he is currently on his way to India to spend several months teaching a new batch of kids on the ice.

National Center for Family Learning (NCFL) - Anyone who has heard me speak has heard me rave about Wonderopolis. As an Advisor, I've seen the work the team is doing to make sure that all families fall in love with wondering and learning.

Project Bead - The minute I heard of this company started by some fellow Bentley alums, I was in love. Their bracelets are helping children in Ghana go to school and we have an exciting partnership coming in 2014!

Fisher House Foundation - I describe this as the Ronald McDonald house for the family of veterans. I had the pleasure of visiting the Boston Fisher House earlier this year and it made me more committed than ever to help them insure that our veterans have a place for their families to stay when they need treatment.

Green Beret Foundation - My buddy Jason from GORUCK is the CMO and I know how passionate he is about what they do. All of our Special Forces don't get the help they need when they return from service and this organization is helping change that.

ONE - As the original #ONEDad this team will always hold a special place in my heart. They are working hard every day to fix energy poverty, global hunger and more. They are even selling goats this holiday season! :)

UN Foundation - I was chosen as one of their Social Good Fellows and they do work across a number of areas that I'm passionate about. A wide variety of causes including clean cookstoves, refugees and vaccinations.

I hope you'll click through to any or all of them to learn more about each of these worthy organizations.

Do me a favor and leave your personal ones in the comments so I can return the favor and check them out.

Finally, never forget that while today is #GivingTuesday, giving is something you can and should do year round.

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