luminAID - Light When and Where You Need It

CC and his luminAID Energy Poverty is a global issue that I'm particular interested in.

Ever since I learned the term from the team at ONE, it has been on my mind and something that I'd like to help fight and solve.

The first part of solving any issue is to educate yourself as much as possible on it. Part of that for me has been finding, discovering and buying products that will help solve this issue and today I received the latest product I've purchased from luminAID.

This simple bit of innovation works great. A water-proof and tear-proof inflatable bag contains a solar charger, battery and LED light all in one. Expose it to sunlight and you will always have a light source when night comes.

As soon as mine arrived, I fired up the video camera to capture and share the product with the world.

I don't know why everyone wouldn't purchase one of these to keep in their house for power outtages. I know that I'll clip it to the outside of my backpack on any backpacking trips I go on as a renewable light source when we set up camp. Imagine what this device would do for a family who currently has to light their home with a dangerous kerosene lamp since that is there only option?

If you do decide to purchase one after reading this, I urge to please consider their Give Light, Get Light program where for a few dollars more they donate a luminAID to a family in need somewhere in the world in addition to shipping one to you.



These are exactly the type of products I hope to work with through The Cleon Foundation and why I formed it.

You can expect more reviews and exposure for other products like this that I discover and purchase. I know I have several on the way.