Outside, Victories and Sharpen - My Three Words For 2014

Outside, Victories and Sharpen - My Three Words For 2014

Sharpen Outside Victories The final morning of 2013 finds me bearded, battling a horrible cold and full of reflection. I'm about to head out for a week in Las Vegas as I speak at NMX and attend CES.

As described in Amazing Things Will Happen, I've been going through my three word exercise to focus myself for the new year.

Looking back at my 2013 three words, I did alright with them. As usual, some themes prove to be more powerful than others, but I'm happy with how I did and they will continue forward.

Steve Garfield and I were talking about this exercise and agreed that when you pick the right words they are not just for 365 days, but rather continue to stay with you.

Just like the best resolutions turn into habits, I believe that when you choose a word it should stick with you and carry forward. Why would you only want to do it for a single year.

After much doodling, pondering and thinking here is what I will be focusing on in 2014 in addition to everything else.


Being a Samsung Imagelogger has exposed me to a truly inspiring group of photographers. Every day I realize just how much more I can do with my photography skills and I want to take the time to do that.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized I'm very good at lots of things, but many of my skills could use some sharpening to bring them even further into focus.

Ask any photographer and they'll explain that sometimes adding a little sharpening to a photo makes all the difference. By focusing on this in the coming months I'm planning for the same to happen to many different aspects of what make me who I am.


Me and my desk spend too much time together. Between the couch, airplane seats and conference rooms, too much of my life is not spent in nature.

I don't remember the last time I put on a backpack and fell asleep under the stars. There are woods and mountains almost outside of my door that my feet have not walked through. The fact that my kayak paddle did not get as wet as it should have this summer is a failure on my part.

I love the outdoors. It is where I am happiest and yet I haven't made the time for it in a long time.

I will go snowshoeing. I will sit around a campfire with Clarence. I will climb to the top of another mountain. I will roll out of my sleeping bag with a grin on my face.

Inside is nice, but outside is always better.


Laura and I have this little thing we do when we make the right choice. For instance the other day when I decided to roast cauliflower for lunch instead of something not so healthy I called it a small victory.

We will text each other all the time when we have these. It fits into my theory that we need to celebrate the small things more rather than only focusing on the big ones.

This year will include a series of victories as the YSN team grows the company into what we all want it to be. I also plan on checking off at least one more item from my life list and that of course will be a victory too.

There is a lot of work to do, but if I don't ship. If I don't create. If I don't stick a flag in the ground and claim it as my own than it is all for not.

I shall be victorious.


I wish you nothing but success in the coming year.

Don't forget that tonight is nothing more than the changing of a date and the flipping of the page. You are the same person you've always been and shouldn't need a calendar to force you to try and be better. You are who you are. Roll with it and do the little things that make you happy and you'll be ok.

Also, don't forget that the truth of our world is that there is more snark and negativity than ever before. You don't need to listen to anyone you don't want to. Click, look or move away. You'll be happier I promise.

Have fun tonight, but be safe and smart.

Tomorrow is another day. 2014 is another year.

Make the most of it.



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