Plantronics Voyager Legend Review

Plantronics Voyager Legend Review


voyager Any piece of technology that makes getting work done easier is one that I'll love.

For years I've bought and been impressed with products from Plantronics. Since my iPhone is also my office phone, I've always had a Bluetooth headset so that I could talk and easily use my computer at the same time.

I've been using an older model for several years, so when Plantronics asked if I'd like to try out the new Voyager Legend I couldn't say no.

It has all the standard features that you'd expect from any Bluetooth headset with some additional innovations I had not seen before.

You have to understand that as I type this, my phone and headset are laying on the desk in front of me. If a call comes in all I need to do is pick up the headset and it automatically answers. When the call is done, simply take it off and it hangs up the call.

If you are the type to leave your headset on (please don't do this), you'll love that it announces calls coming in. Keep your phone in your pocket as the Voyager Legend notifies you "incoming call from" followed by the name of the caller if they are in your address book.

Not only does it talk, but it also listens. You can speak commands for safer use of your phone while driving or on the go.

The calls have been clear and even if I was in a busy or loud area, I've heard no complaints from people on the other end.

While I don't use it for long periods of time without recharging, I like that when I first turn it on it notifies you how much time is left on the battery. A full charge is over seven hours of talk time.

The only complaint I have is that it uses a proprietary charger. This means that when I'm traveling it is one more cord I have to remember to bring. My older model used a standard mini USB cable which I always have with me for multiple devices. I can't understand why in today's multi-device world someone would make a product that uses a special cord. I try to avoid buying anything like this because I like to carry as little as possible.

Plantronics is wrapping the device in a campaign focusing on the concept of "Together”, where their products help keep personal and professional lives in sync. We all know how hard that can be sometimes and technology when used right is a big help.

The Voyager Legend sells for $99 and a full product overview is available.

Disclosure: Plantronics gave me the product in return for me sharing my thoughts about it. 

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