Road Reviews - Capture Camera Clip v2 and ShaveTech USB Electric Razor

Road Reviews - Capture Camera Clip v2 and ShaveTech USB Electric Razor

roadreview-capture-shavetech Product reviews are something I enjoy doing. Being given the opportunity to try out a new product and share my honest thoughts with the world has always been fun for me.

Recently, I had two new products given to me just in time for me to bring them on the road and put them to the test. Trying out products at home is one thing, but putting them through the paces on the road when I'm traveling is where I really get to see if they work or not.

In full disclosure, these products were given to me for free in the hopes that I'd review them. The thoughts are my own as my brain can be rented but is never for sale.

First up is the Capture Camera Clip v2 from Peak Design.

I first heard of this product when I saw Brian Green post a photo of it on Instagram. I had seen other clip like systems before, but if Brian was using it I was interested in learning more since I know how choosy he is about the gear he uses.

The Capture Clip is made of sturdy metal and is adjustable enough to attach to any belt or backpack strap. With several adjustments to my GoPro camera, I had it attached to my GORUCK in no time.

It also has a standard tripod hole on it to attach to any standard tripod head. This makes for another alternative for easy on and off a tripod when out shooting.

While out on a photography assignment I tried clipping it to my belt and hanging my camera off of it. I was surprise how quickly my worries about it falling to the ground went away because of the solid construction.

My only complain was if you are shooting with something big like I was with my Canon 5D MKIII with a 24-105mm lens hanging on it, the camera hits on your leg which is less than comfortable. I'm obviously not the only one who feels this way because I noticed that the company makes something called a PROpad that helps with this.

The perfect audience for this product is any active photographer. If you bike, hike or do any form of physical activity along with your camera this gadget will be very helpful to keep your camera at your fingertips but out of the way.

In a totally different category, the second product I tested out was the new USB rechargeable electric razor called the ShaveTech.

I've never been a fan of electric razors because they don't get close enough for me, but the size and lack of a cord on this one got my attention.

The razor is a little smaller than my iPhone 4s and easily fit in my bathroom bag. I plugged it in overnight before hitting the road. Did I mention it has a flip out USB plug built into it?

After a couple of days of not shaving I gave it a test. While it lacks the size of most razors, it doesn't lack power and it gave me a better shave than I had planned for.

The convenience factor is high with this product and since it weighs so little I think it has earned a permanent place in my travel kit. It is a perfect razor that I can charge anywhere and use when I need a quick shave on the road.

Have a product you'd like me to try out? You can send it here.

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