The Internet Is NOT High School

The Internet Is NOT High School


This is NOT The Internet Why in a world where we carry a production company in our pocket and are empowered to share anything we create with the entire world do we still get hung up worrying about what people think of us?

Every day I watch as people are more concerned with what others think of them, than they are with doing what they want to do.

That reminds me of High School and I hated those days!

Sure, we all need to achieve a certain level of attention to be successful. That is important no matter what your career is. Yet, with all the power we each possess we still focus on this way to much.

All of the social networks are their own little cliques. Lines are drawn dividing people by the technology they use, where they live and industry they work in.

The thing about High School is that everyone was focused on themselves more than the collective good. That is fine when the jocks are roaming the halls, but not acceptable to me here in the real world.

You need to stand up for what you believe in. If you know what you want to do and people give you a hard time about it, ignore them and push forward.

We need to work together more. Support each other no matter what path someone chooses to take. If you don't agree with it, than ignore it and move on.

YOU are in control of what you do every day when you wake up. Just like every other human walking the earth, we each have twenty four hours each day that is sliced and diced as we deem necessary. Make sure you use that time wisely and not focused on the little matters that don't matter in the grand scheme.

WE need to cheer on those we love and remain silent towards those we don't. If someone says, acts or conducts themselves in a way that we don't like we have simple ways to never see them again.

This big blue marble we live on gets smaller every single day. The Internet connects us to anyone we choose to reach out to. This is a blessing we should embrace to make the marble as amazing as possible.

There are no hallways or lockers forcing us to interact with those that don't support, encourage and inspire us.

Get out there and make the most of the day!

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