Why I Love Field Notes

America the Beautiful Field Notes I have a bit of an obsession with notebooks.

While I love all the technology in my life, there will always be a place for writing down thoughts, doodles and plans in a paper notebook.

Yesterday, the spring collection from Field Notes arrived and they spotlight another love of mine: travel.

The America the Beautiful edition for spring are a throwback to the days on the road writing down the milage, expenses and memories along the way. My grandfather always kept a notebook in his glovebox to write down these bits of trivial information that years later we'd look through and enjoy.

Someone asked me why I like Field Notes so much. The truth of the matter is I love what they stand for.

They are American made notebooks produced in small batches and each has a story behind them. The care and personal love that goes into everything they produce connects with the small town blood flowing inside of me.

I also appreciate the way they market their products. As a marketing professional and storyteller people question me around how to produce content that is compelling for their audience.

Watch this video produced to celebrate the release of this limited edition notebook. It isn't made for the masses. It is made for the type of person who will love and appreciate the brand.

There is a surplus of notebooks in my office. Not just Field Notes, but every type imaginable. I'll be the first to admit that I've got a bit of a notebook fetish and love special edition ones no matter who the manufacturer is.

I have respect for brands that focus on quality and what they believe in first and everything else second. Field Notes is one of those brands.