Birthdays and Technology

Birthdays and Technology

Google Birthday Today is my birthday. Google told me so. *grin*

One of the few things on my to do list for the day included writing my monthly post as part of the #LifeOnFiOS team.

While op-ed and thought pieces are not the usual fare for this type of post, I found it strangely relevant this morning and I hope they do too.

In the world we live in, connecting with others is almost too easy. A click of a button on one side and a click of another on the other end. Now you are connected.

For some reasons birthdays have become simply another one of those moments when you aimlessly connect with someone with another click.

Social networks notify you of connections birthdays and on some of them all you have to do is click and it automates a message. Why would you do that?

If I want to wish someone a happy birthday, I will usually send them an email or a text message. I want them to know I'm thinking about them and don't want to get lost in the flood.

I love how Steve Garfield takes the time to find a photo of the birthday person to use when wishing them a happy day. It is a simple and heart felt gesture and it goes a long way to make it more personal.

Happy Birthday From Steve Garfield

I'm going to share this post at the end of the day because I certainly don't want to make anyone feel bad.

Every note, comment and direct message is appreciated. Each of them makes me smile and reminds me how many diverse and amazing people technology has empowered me to meet over the years.

But, the more I think about it, the more I realize how much more we could do on someone's birthday thanks to the technology around us.

Making a slideshow of images, calling them up via a video chat or recording a video message are all doable. Even something as simple as taking the time to write a heart felt e-mail message can go a long way. I know I received several of these and each one was personal and from a close friend.

Oh and I shouldn't forget all the super personal, please buy more stuff from us, emails I got from brands who know it is my birthday. Most of them were from brands that left me wondering when I gave them my details, rather than making me want to buy anything more.

This email from GORUCK did make me smile in a big way. Honest and direct without any ask. Plus, who wouldn't smile when this pops up in your browser?

GORUCK Birthday Wishes

I know that time is precious. Yet, I also know that thanks to the technology around me I could do more when a friend's birthday rolls around.

I'm thinking perhaps that is something I'm going to try and do more of in the new year.

How do you celebrate someone's birthday using technology? I'd love to hear.


Disclosure: I am a member of the #LifeOnFiOS Influencer Program. This means every month you’ll see a technology focused post from me. I come up with the topics. I write the words. The thoughts are mine. 

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