Our First Family Road Trip Can Help Save Lives

Our First Family Road Trip Can Help Save Lives

BLOGUST 2014 Today we are picking up our rented RV and tomorrow morning we will set off on our family's first true road trip.

We are driving from Boston to Arizona and you can follow along as we each post our images and thoughts along the way to ChapmanRoadTrip.com.

But, today is also the first day of Blogust 2014 and as a proud alumni of the campaign and as a UN Foundation Social Good Fellow, I'm excited to tell you about it.

The theme this year is a virtual summer road trip celebrating a lifetime of firsts. Blogust writers will be posting about “firsts” - in their family and in their lives and why firsts matter to every family, every child.

For every comment and social media action recorded on this post (and each of the other blogger's posts), Walgreens will donate a vaccine to a child in need, up to 60,000 vaccines.

That means if you share, like, +1 or comment on this post, a child somewhere in the world will be given a vaccine so that they can have a chance of a lifetime of firsts.


Shot@Life does amazing work and I'm proud to do my part to help them raise more funds to vaccinate children.

Vaccines save lives and you can help make them happen simply by leaving a comment on this post.

I'm blessed to have been born in a country where it was easy to get my children vaccinated and because they've lived a healthy life we can go on our first road trip.

Blogust 2014

How about leaving a comment or using one of the buttons below to share this with others so that more children are given the chance to live a fun and fulfilling life.

Then, each day throughout the month visit the Blogust '14 site and comment on the post of the day to help another child have a life of firsts.

Thank you!

Helping a Friend in Need

Helping a Friend in Need

What Technology to Bring on a Family Road Trip

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