Piccoli Consigli - Per Una Vita Felice E Di Successo

AmazingThings-Italian As a writer, seeing your book translated into new languages is always a trip.

I knew Amazing Things Will Happen was being translated into Arabic and Italian, but I didn't know when these versions would hit shelves.

Then last week, my friend David Meerman Scott posted this photo of my book in an Italian bookstore. I flipped with excitement and asked if he might be able to pick me up a copy.


His lovely wife went back the next day and bought me a copy and he shipped it to me.

It is neat to see that they left the cover pretty much the same. The book is actually a bit smaller and heavier and the title translates to Small Tips - For A Happy And Successful Life. What a perfect translation!

Since a large portion of my DNA has roots in Italy, this is an extra special translation.

I'll be smiling about this one for quite some time.