The Start of Something New

The Start of Something New

lifeistooshort My career has been a whirlwind of following my heart, chasing dreams and always trying to do right by my clients/employers.

I've worked with amazing people, helped develop award winning campaigns and accomplished more than I ever thought possible after graduating from Bentley.

Over the course of the last thirty months, I've been doing a lot of soul searching. Hours of thinking about what was right for me, my family and the days ahead in my life.

Turning forty last year was a major milestone. The reality that I might have less years ahead of me, than behind me was a not so gentle nudge that I needed to make sure I was doing work that mattered.

I kept looking for opportunities that would empower me to do this. Every turn I took lead to a dead end.

It became clear that the answer was right in front of me all along, even if I was trying to avoid it.

Today, I'm happy to announce that I've started a new company called Never Enough Days.

Never Enough Days

Never Enough Days is a conscience-based consultancy with a focus on social good, cause marketing and corporate social responsibility. Our goal is to help any organization or individual that cares about more than only their bottom line to succeed in changing the world around them for the better.

I could create amazing marketing campaigns for any company, but I only want to create them for brands that care about giving back.

I could consult with big corporations to do better business, but I'd rather work with them on developing corporate social responsibility initiatives that make sense for them.

I could talk about how much help NGOs and nonprofits need to thrive in today's connected world, but I'd rather work with them directly to help them succeed.

Never Enough Days is starting out as only me, but I plan on growing it to something much more.

The tides of business are changing. Making money is great, but making money and helping out the world around you is even better. If you agree then let's talk!

Of course, we are comfortable working with companies directly or through their agencies. We don't need the glory as long as our clients are happy and succeeding in their goals.

Thank you to my fellow misfits and do-gooders who encouraged me to take this leap without even knowing it was in my head.

GORUCK Light #507 - AAR - Boston - November 1, 2014

GORUCK Light #507 - AAR - Boston - November 1, 2014

Life is busy. Life is blessed.

Life is busy. Life is blessed.