Building Communities

Pamela Slim Community Tour We should all strive to be lifelong students and I was excited to spend Monday morning learning from Pamela Slim on her Indispensable Community Tour when it arrived in Boston.

Pam is a friend and fellow misfit, so that alone made me want to go out and see her. But, there was more too it than that.

Community building is something I've done a lot of over the years and something I've been inspired to do more of, but I was hoping that she had pulled together a framework for doing it better and I wanted to learn.

She has in fact done this and her eight step process instantly helped me as I jotted down notes and let my brain flow with other participants.

Instantly, I found myself thinking about the communities around me online and off and how they could be stronger. An angle for my personal community I've been trying to figure out finally clicked.

Building communities is such a core part of who I am. It is work that I enjoy doing and after this class I'm inspired to do more of it.

The tour is traveling across the United States and if you have a chance, I highly recommend signing up and attending!

Thank you Pam for being a great instructor and friend.