Days of Giving - Wediko

Tonight I have the last Board meeting of the year for Wediko. I've served on the Board for a number of years and am now the President of the Board.


Wediko Children’s Services is a non-profit organization committed to improving children’s lives.  Using a strength-based approach, Wediko responds to the needs of children who face repeated obstacles to development due to emotional, behavioral, environmental, and learning issues.   Through a continuum of flexible services and multi-disciplinary training programs, Wediko develops enduring partnerships with children, families, schools, and the community.  Wediko strives to capture success and restore a sense of competence and hope.

I like to say Wediko makes every child's life they work with better.

Started in 1934, their focus on children's mental health is what drew me to them. I love their philosophy that to make progress with any child, the family had to be involved.

Every year, the family and I take part in the Climb For Kids, which is a major fund raiser for Wediko. We climb up 46 flights of stairs. Last year we even all did it with our weighted rucks on!

Team Chapman #ClimbForKids15 Donate as we climb!!!

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Soon you'll be able to take part in next year's climb and I really want to see Team Chapman take it to a whole new level this year.

Donations are always needed to keep an organization like this going.

We also have teams race the New York and Boston Marathons (and still have numbers if you are interested).

The work Wediko does is amazing and I hope you'll consider giving to them this year.