Does Your Brand Want To Be At SXSW 2015?

Does Your Brand Want To Be At SXSW 2015?

SXSW is one of those events, that you have to experience to fully understand and appreciate. I've attended for a number of years and every time I leave with new friends, ideas and a peek at the upcoming trends in the world of technology.

This year, I'm attending, but I'm also excited to be working on a brand activation and we are looking for sponsors.

For years I've watched the evolution of marketing campaigns at SXSW and too many brands spend large amounts of money without understanding SXSW.

I want to help a couple of smart brands to do good and hit their goals during the conference.

It is only a few weeks until a chunk of the world descends on Austin, Texas and if one of your clients or your marketing manager is freaking out because they want to do something, but don't know what - we should talk.

Brad Powell and I have a social good focused campaign that has the perfect mix of a venue, a call to action that makes a difference and is all around fun at the same time.

Brad lives in Austin and through his connections there has helped make this crazy idea of ours a reality, but we need sponsors to make it happen.

Choose Your Good at SXSW 2015

We are currently looking for sponsors who want to be part of this. We know there are brands out there who didn't plan ahead and now are scrambling to do something, so why not do some good AND get your brand in front of thousands of people at SXSW.

This activation is not directly a part of SXSW. I just love the conference and am excited to not only be attending, but hoping to do some social good in and around Austin during all the fun.

Download the teaser sheet and then when you are ready email Brad so we can make this a reality.

We look forward to working with you.