Doing My Part to Help Save the Children

AFG This morning began for me by attending a fundraising breakfast for a local charity.

While this was happening, I knew that a team from Save the Children would be kicking off a new campaign to raise funds for their efforts in Afghanistan by telling the story of a little girl named Karima.*

After years of war and severe poverty, combined with poor security, #Afghanistan is considered to be among the most dangerous places for children to be born.

This week, they will be sharing Karima's story across their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

I'm proud to be partnering with them to help share her story. I highly encourage you to follow them and if the story touches you, to share it with others.

At age 6, Karima’s* father passed away and her mother remarried, abandoning the young girl and her 2 brothers. Now the siblings live with their grandparents, but in desperate conditions. Their house is made from construction material scraps with nothing more than cloths to protect them from the elements in areas that have been damaged by heavy snow and rain. Karima anxiously tells us that she’s grown to expect the worst of impending winters, during which all of the family members get sick without the means to buy the medicines they need. Living conditions like these combined with limited medical resources leaves Afghan children facing one of the worst chances of survival of anywhere in the world. (2/5) Link in bio. *Name has been changed to protect identity

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Donations are needed to help the children of Afghanistan have a chance at a better life and that is where you come in.

You can't currently sponsor an individual child in Afghanistan through Save the Children, but you can donate directly to their efforts in that country by donating here.

Please be sure to follow the story as it unfolds and do your part by telling others about it!


*Name has been changed to protect identity