Facebook Walls Are Not An Open Invitation For You to Attack

Facebook Walls Are Not An Open Invitation For You to Attack

Dangerous Walls

Dangerous Walls

Love it or hate it, Facebook is part of our lives.

Even with all the other technology we have in our lives, most of us learn news from our family and friends on Facebook.

As it becomes more integrated into our daily lives, it is apparent that it has also warped our basic human interactions. The way we treat other people and the forgetting of manners.

I made the mistake years ago of opening up my Facebook. This was before pages existed and when I had fans of my podcasts trying to connect and being sad when I turned them down.

Instead of an intimate gathering place of those closest to me, it turned into a mish-mash of people from around the world. Some I only knew from letters on a screen.

Someday I hope Facebook makes it easier to prune your friends to clean up the mess I made, but that is a whole other topic.

Whenever I open up Facebook I see a variety of faces from around the world. Thus, there are a variety of different religions, locations and beliefs.

This weekend as the horrible events were happening in Paris, I went to Facebook to check in on the few friends I knew lived there.

The mix of raw emotions, sharing of reports (not news) and outpouring of love and hate was enough to rattle the strongest of souls.

I also saw plenty of these raw emotions pouring out as comments on friends and strangers posts.

My rule when it comes to Facebook is I try to only leave positive or constructive comments on people's walls.

It is their wall. I wouldn't come into someone's house and start criticizing their color choices or wall hangings. I was raised better than that.

Sure, if some asks a question I will answer.

But, seeing something I don't agree with or perhaps am even offended with? There is an unfollow and unfriend button for a reason. I'd rather do that than spit hate.

I wish more people would think before they post. Every day I see people typing things and I wonder if they'd say the exact same words if they were face-to-face with the person.

A wall is not an invitation for you to spew whatever you want all over it.

If it bothers you, keep scrolling.

If it offends you, unfollow or unfriend.

Life is better when you surround yourself with a diverse group of people.

This means that if you've done it right you are going to be exposed to some vastly different opinions and beliefs than your own.

You do NOT need to point out how wrong people are every chance you get.

In fact, there are a million better ways to spend those minutes you've chosen to slam your keys and wait to see the response.

Read, get that pit in your stomach and move on. Keep scrolling until you find a post that makes you smile.

It works for me. It'll work for you.

Someone's Facebook wall is not your wall. They've chosen to let you in to look at it. You don't have to be there.

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