Outside Over Tech

Outside Over Tech

Outside Over Tech Technology is a beautiful thing. It allows for the world to be smaller, collaborative and innovative together.

Technology also allows us to hide behind our keyboards, be addicted to our phones and forget that there is life beyond a screen.

I returned from Fargo with a desire to doodle. It is something I use to do all the time as a kid and my father blames computers for taking me away from doing it.

Sure, I still doodle in the corner of my notebooks during conference calls and other bits of boredoms, but I thought it might be fun to focus some energy each day on doodling.

This was my doodle this morning.

I was thinking about it last night as I was reading my first issue of Sidetracked magazine.  Thinking about how much I love technology, but how much more I love nature.

About how long it has been since my last time with a backpack weighting me down while my hiking boots get muddy going up a trail. About how long it has been since I smelled of campfire smoke and days without a shower. About how bright the stars are in the quite of the night in a campsite deep in the woods.

Spring always gets me itchy to be outside. To get my kayak wet and my camp mug full.

I'm excited to expose Nadia to all of these things and hopefully she falls in love with them too.

Technology is great, but I'll take outside time over it any day.