Rockport Shoe Review

I'm the type of guy that when I find something I love, I'll keep buying it until I find something better. Shoes are a perfect example of this.

When I find a brand and style that I like, I stick with it.

Shoes are purely functional for me and the fashion of them means little to me so I go with what works.

When the team from Rockport asked if they could send me a free pair of their new DresSports Luxe shoes to try and review I initially wasn't interested.

Rockport Shoes

Summer time for me means that I'm wearing my Sperry sneakers almost all the time.

The only other shoe options for me this time of year are my Keen slip ons when I'm wearing jeans or my Merrell hiking boots when I'm in the woods. Dress shoes only come into play for speaking engagements or the occasional fundraiser or dress up occasion.

Kudos to the team who pitched me who saw this as on opportunity and sent me some of their shoes that would match my current favorites. That was a smart audible that most agencies wouldn't have even pursued, so job well done!


Rockport Shoes

All of the shoes were extremely comfortable and I'll definitely be wearing them more.

I'm not a fan of laces, so the classic boat shoe look isn't one of my favorites. My daughter thought they looked good on me, so I'm planning on wearing them when the situation calls for casual but a bit dressy.

The new Rockport DresSports Luxe certainly is a comfortable mens dress shoe. For a long time finding a mens dress shoe that was actually comfortable was harder than it should have been. I can confidently tell you that these are nice and comfy.

Again, with them having laces, they won't replace my trusty Johnson & Murphy pair that have gone around the world with me.

If you are wondering why I'm not a fan of laces, it has to do with how much traveling I do and how much I want to speed my time through security. Laces get in the way of that speed.

Of course these are just a few of the styles that Rockport offers and after this review and looking at their site, they definitely have enough options for every type of man.


Disclosure - Rockport sent me shoes for free that I get to keep in exchange for sharing a review online. All thoughts, images and opinions are my own.