The World Needs More Tolerance

The World Needs More Tolerance

longwalk-cc-chapman You only need to take a quick skim of the news, trending topics or conversations happening on line to see a lack of tolerance.

The world would be a much better place if more people practiced it.

We don't need to accept or endorse that which we don't agree with. Each of us is empowered to believe what we want and choose what we do with our days.

If you respect those around you and treat people appropriately, you are ok in my book.

Take care of the world. Take care of the people you care about. Don't harm others.

Yup, still ok.

What color your skin is, the faith you choose to follow, your homeland, who you love or how you love them doesn't matter to me. It shouldn't matter.

If we are ever going to have the life that we each crave, we must accept that we have to work, play and interact with people that are different than us.

We don't have to always agree.

We don't have to do the same thing on Sunday mornings or Friday nights.

We don't have to have anything in common to tolerate each other.

You try to hurt the people or places I care about and then we have problems. Big problems.

But, outside of that I try to tolerate all around me based on the things above.

It makes my life easier. I believe it would make everything much easier if more people followed it.

I'm an optimist.

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