We Must Do More

We Must Do More

domore-cc-chapman WE MUST DO MORE



Red, White and Blue!

A gun for every child, but a college degree for only a few.

Where the color of your skin may determine your odds of another morning.

The kids leave for school and I worry if they will return.

Active shooters. Road rage. Libraries and prayer circles.

The street I get. In a Church I never will.

School hallways are for lockers, not glocks.

Play on the swings and pray you get home.

What happened to treating your fellow man as you wished to be treated?

The Golden Rule sure looks tarnished and blood stained.

Our politicians pat their wallets while turning a blind eye.

Headlines, outrage and then silence once more.

Hashtags don’t save lives.

Revolutions begin as conversations.  

They rise up out of whispers into roars.

Hearts and minds.

Clicks and shares.

We need action by all to change the evil of the few.

Cops are not the enemy, but they aren’t the solution.

Every day so many shots. Too many puddles of a life cut short.

Tomorrow is not promised to any.

Today we must take action.

Yesterday must never be forgotten.

Don’t hold back.

Together we must come if we ever hope to make things better.

Apart we will never succeed.

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