Being Prepared To Fear Less

Being Prepared To Fear Less

The other day I placed a new order from Serepick because I wanted a set of lock picks in my car. Upon arrival, I added them to my ITS Trauma Kit that I keep in my center console. I was discussing this with some in my family and received a familiar smile and head shake. I ignored it and moved on.

Yesterday morning I saw a friend tweeting about coming across a jogger who was having medical problems.

They mentioned that no one around them was comfortable enough with CPR to do anything and they all had to wait for the EMTs to arrive.

People need to realize that more often than not, it is going to be up to you to save yourself or someone you love in a time of need.

This is why I read about every possible thing I can. Why I want to learn skills that I hope I never have to use.

Last year when I attended ITS Muster I learned how to break out of restraints, perform field medicine and red team basics.

I hope I never need to use any of these skills, but I feel more comfortable living every day having that knowledge in my head.

[quote]By being prepared to deal with any situation life throws at me, I'm less fearful of having to face those situations.[/quote]

Everyone should know basic first aid and CPR.

You and your family should have escape plans from your house in case of a fire.

Do you have the basic supplies in your house and the skills in your head to survive a natural disaster?

Could you keep warm, cook meals and provide for your family during a prolonged power outage?

It is impossible to have too much knowledge about how to deal with difficult situations.

I'm not a prepper, but I like to be prepared.

It is why my GORUCK (or any bag I'm using) has certain every day carry items in it that I never want to be without.

I feel better going out into the world knowing that for most situations I can help myself and help those around me if I need to.

Are you prepared?

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