Forward, Purpose and Skies - My Three Words for 2016

Forward, Purpose and Skies - My Three Words for 2016

2016 3words CC Chapman Since April 2014 I've been lost.

The stories of the months since then are for another time, but needless to say there have been some dark days and lonely times.

2016 is all about putting those behind me finally and successfully moving forward.

Once I had determined that focus, going through my yearly three word exercise was easier than ever. I also changed it a bit by allowing myself to choose phrases instead of single words since everything that came to me was in that format.

As I sit here typing this on the first day of the new year, I feel good. I feel positive.

I don't know where 2016 will bring me, but I know these are the three things I'll be focusing on.

Look Forward, Not Behind

I've always been able to let go of the past, but recently I've had a harder time.

That is never healthy and I'm vowing to myself to put those moments behind me, learn from them and keep walking forward. Nothing positive comes of spending months upset by the past when you've got a lot more paths ahead of you that need to be traveled.

This also means a lot more long term planning when possible. There is a lot I still want to do on this big blue marble, so today is the perfect time to start.

Create With Purpose

The artist in me loves to create and that isn't ever going to change.

There will be plenty of random photos and brain dump posts, but I want to balance those out with more creations that is done for a very direct purpose.

This also extends beyond content to a lot more. There are several projects I've been working on that I hope will come to light in the year and they certainly will be purpose driven.

I'm planning on a lot more video, tons more words, photographs galore and more physical manifestations of purpose.

Skies Over Screens

I haven't been moving enough. There has been too much time spent at my desk in my home office.

I need to get up and get out. I need to move, see new places and spend time away from the computer screen.

Technology allows me to do my work from anywhere and yet 99% of the time I find myself right here doing it.

I need to take my camera for walks, my laptop to new locations and my feet one in front of the other on trails around the world.

Wanderlust is always pulling at me and I'd love to see at least one new country this year.


Only a few hours into 2016 and we've already had a mini power outage and I've eaten a bowl of Accident Hash. Not a bad way to start the year in my book.

If you took part in the three word exercise, please let me know what words you chose or a link to your post so that I can check them out.

I hope that 2016 is an amazing year for you and I'm going to work harder than ever to make sure it is for those around me.

Happy New Year.

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