Snapchatting While Driving Makes You a Dangerous Asshole

Snapchatting While Driving Makes You a Dangerous Asshole

Every day I see people with one hand on the wheel of their car and the other on their phone. They try to pay attention to the road, but every so often they'll drift, swerve or slow down. It is obvious they can't pay attention.

Every study has shown that it is not possible for a human to pay full attention to the road if they are using their phone.

Common sense should tell you that looking up and down away from the road is a distraction and not a good idea.

As the over twenty crowd starts using Snapchat, I've seen more and MORE snaps from people while they are driving.

It upset me so much that I put in place a three strikes and you're out rule. If I see someone snap while driving three times I unfollow them.

Of course, it is very easy to notice when this happens. When a friend tries to send me a snap and they can't it means I'm not following them and I've had two friends ask me straight up why I unfollowed them.

I tell them the truth. Both have given me excuses, but it doesn't matter.

It makes me angry and sad that I've had to unfollow six people I care about because they are stupid enough to drive and use their phones.

If you have kids and use your phone while driving, think about the life in the back seat.

If you are in a car think about every other person around you. Every other mom, dad, son and daughter who you could injure or kill because you just had to snap, tweet or share that moment.



There is nothing important enough to endanger everyone around you. Pull over. Park. Wait until a red light even.

If you text me while I'm driving, you get an autoreply that uses the #ItCanWait hashtag because it is a campaign I want to see more people to become aware of.

I want laws to be passed to make the penalties much harsher. Locally I don't believe the $100 fine makes anyone stop. I have yet to hear of anyone getting one of these tickets. I'd love to see the police start giving tickets for this. All they'd have to do is sit by a toll booth one day and they could write them non stop.

Only dangerous assholes drive and use their phones.

Maybe that is overly blunt, but it is how I feel. You don't care about those around you if you do it and in my book that makes you an asshole.

To my friends reading this who do it, I still love you and usually your not an asshole, but when you do this you are. Nothing is going to change my mind. Please stop it so that no one around you is in danger from your actions anymore.

Life is short enough already. Your Snaps go away after twenty four hours and are not worth more than your or my life.

Be safe out there. PLEASE.