We Have To Show Up

We Have To Show Up

I was having a conversation with Seth Godin recently about writing and among all the nuggets he said,

"The cost of what we do is we have to show up."

We were discussing his daily blog writing and my wonderment at how he does it.

It stuck with me like a thorn. Nagging at me to face the truth that I haven't been showing up.

Sure, I published a piece called When Your Dream Job Doesn't Want You on LinkedIn and I've been noodling along on other things, but if I'm going to be honest with myself and with you, I'm not shipping as much as I should be.

I have been working on a new client project that will be launching soon and that has taken up a lot of time, but is also a constant source of inspiration.

I'm not digging ditches, chainsawing down trees or working on a factory floor.

I'm a creative and cost of that is that I need to show up, create and show it to the world.

I promise I'm going to start doing it better.

Thank you Seth.