Work Doesn't Get Done Unless I Do It

Work Doesn't Get Done Unless I Do It

Chopping Wood When Thanksgiving leftovers begin to be annoying is when I become reflective.

Looking back at the year that is beginning to end. Pondering over missed opportunities. Smiling at the memories that warm my heart. Wondering what might have been and marveling over what was.

The truth is, I learned some hard lessons over the course of the last eleven months.

The lesson learned is that while I don't have a lone wolf mentality, I need to be the pack leader more often.

See, this year I put my faith and energy into other's ideas to satisfy internal cravings. None of them went the way hoped for.

Far from the first time this has happened in my life, but why do I keep going back to the same well rather than digging my own?

I've been trying to fit my work, direction and art into definitions made by others while telling everyone to not do that.

Time to take my own advice.

If you ever hear me use the word 'hustle' you have permission to slap me side the head, but I am going to be selling more. I've always avoided it, but I have to.

My skills as a creative and consultant are ones that can help others and yet my humble New England DNA has prevented me from raising my hand and shouting "pick me" over all the noise.

Mapping out 2017 on paper rather than a whiteboard has been a helpful change for me.

Determining what deadwood to get rid of in my life and not second guessing those decisions is making room for the things I should be focusing on.

Alicia Keys is belting out of my speakers and reminding me that I need to wrap this up and hit publish as there is work to do today.

Little tasks building towards bigger goals.

Success is never handed over lightly. If you rely on others to drive you are never going to get there.

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