A New School. Another Semester.

A New School. Another Semester.

Spring semester at Wheaton College is officially over.

It was an eye-opening semester for me in multiple positive ways.

I was hired to teach Marketing, and while I've spent most of my career in the space, it was fun to go back to a textbook and the fundamentals. At the last moment, I was asked to teach a second class, and that was where a lot of the surprises came from.

The Business and Management major is one of the newest ones at the school, and it has quickly become a popular one. Many students who are majoring in other things realize that having a minor in business is a smart idea in today's world.

My second class was Business Fundamentals, and it was filled with a variety of students testing the waters of business. I had an absolute blast teaching it.

I wasn't prepared for how different it would be teaching courses at a liberal arts school compared to when I'm teaching at Bentley University which is one of the top business schools in the country.

The students are different. Their questions from all corners. It was challenging but in the best possible way.

Plus, my mind has always been wired more towards the liberal arts side. I was a theater kid at a business school. I'll always use my creative side more than my analytical.

While I'm sure some professors don't enjoy teaching the 101 level courses, I hope I get a chance to teach Business Fundamentals again. Setting a foundation for how a business of any kind is run was a damn good feeling. Plus, I had several friends come in and guest lecture with the goal of exposing the students to a variety of different types of businesses.

What I wasn't prepared to find when I started this semester was such a welcoming community at Wheaton. I've gotten to know so many different people around campus and love the direction that they are going. Attending my first faculty meetings, I felt like I was pulling back the curtain on a piece of the Higher Education puzzle that I didn't know about yet and I have an infinite list of thoughts.

Wheaton College is evolving as any school should always be striving to do. With such a deep-rooted history and a bright, innovative future, I can't wait to see what happens. I hope I can be part of it.

Thank you to all of my students who I know are going to do amazing things in the world. Future dentists, cosmetic packaging designers, music marketing professionals, artificial intelligence developers and a list of jobs we can't even imagine yet.

Being an Adjunct Professor means you never know what the next semester is going to hold. Maybe I'll be teaching at Wheaton? Maybe I'll be at Bentley? Might not be at either. Right now I have no idea.

This semester did cement for me that I want my future to be in a classroom. For a long time the signs have been pointing me in that direction, but I believe that the next phase of my career is that of a teacher and I need to figure out how to make it a fulltime part of my life so that I can concentrate 100% on the students and not be struggling to find work while trying to do best by them.

The search for a college that will allow me to be a full-time member of their community continues.

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Sometimes All You Need Is 

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