How to Become a Writer

There are several types of emails I get on a regular basis and one of those is the “I want to be a writer, where do I start?” variety.

As a published author, people assume I have discovered the lost scrolls of wisdom that contain the secrets of becoming a writer and that I will share this knowledge with everyone who asks.

Now, I didn’t find any scrolls in the back, dusty corner of the local library, but I do know the answer to this question and I give the same answer to every person who asks me.

If you want to be a writer, start writing.

Shocking I know, but truthful it is.

Sorry to get all Yoda on you, but it really is that simple and it applies to more than writing.

People want short cuts and get rich quick schemes to achieve their dreams. While those exist and a lucky few get to use them, the rest of us have to work hard to get what we desire.

If you want to do anything in the creative space, you’ve must create on a regular basis. You have to consume what other people are creating and then figure out what you want to create.

I would have never got to this point in my career without years of writing, taking pictures and speaking for little or no┬árecognition. Yesterday, when I mentioned podcasting and someone asked me how I learned to do it, I giggled as I explained to them that I’ve been creating them since 2004.

No one is going to hand you the keys to your future. It is up to you to blaze the path and then walk down it.

Stop blaming others and look inside of yourself. If you really want to become something it is up to you to do it.

Now, go forth and make amazing things happen ok?


  • A much-needed kick in the pants. Thanks CC! ­čÖé

  • This seems obvious, and it is, but sometimes it’s so easy to lose sight of the process when you desire to create. We can wish for a magic solution all we want, but our own blood/sweat/tears are the only things that can get us there. Thanks, CC!

  • I’m with Kip! Just what I needed today–thanks CC!

    • I love that my little morning jolts are helping others. That makes MY morning so thank you for letting me know.

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  • Love this. I saw the headline and was ready to be upset about the answer. It really is that simple. Want to be a writer? Start writing.

    • *laugh* Well I’m glad to hear you agreed with the answer.

      Sure, there are a lot more steps to evolving from a writer to a published author, but I wanted to focus on the simple first step that so many people seem afraid or unwilling to do and that is to start writing and keep on doing it as often as possible.

  • Thanks for the nudge, CC. Indeed – write! Although I need to learn to read more in the space I’m writing too. Thanks for the reminder to just get out there and write.

    • And of course this goes BEYOND just writing. Can be applied to anything you want to do. Just get out and start doing it.

  • Scott G.

    Thanks for this! There is no magic path–just write!

  • mahmoud osama

    thank you too much for this amazing article you know i want to be a writer like it’s my job for living wake up to do it i’m 18 will be 19 soon and don’t laugh but since 5 or 6 and i adore this thing and every time i say after school and then after high school and now i say after college and work with dad and work in ice cream from time to other and afraid to end without achieving my dream or trying to but i don’t know what’s wrong with me