Turned On by the Chevy Volt

Like many, we are a two car family.

Working from home means that my car is “the family car” that holds all of us and that we take anytime the whole family is going somewhere. My wife has a sixty five mile or so round trip commute every day, so she has the more practical commuter car that gets better mileage.

This review could be summed up easily by my wife who told me, “Out of all the cars you’ve been given to review, this is the first one I hated to see go.”

2012 Chevy Volt

2012 Chevy Volt

2012 Chevy Volt

A huge thank you to Chevy for giving us a 2012 Chevy Volt for a week as an extended test drive. We would have never fully appreciated the car without having that length of time to see how it really fit into our lives.

In my opinion, this is the direction all car companies need to be moving. A mix of electric and gas that works together to give you the most driving for your dollars.

This is what our dashboard looked like when we returned the car. Over the week we drove 405.5 miles (with a lot of those being on the highway) and only used 5.3 gallons of gas which comes out to just over 75 mpg. Those are real numbers and when you see it like that it is very impressive!

End of a week With the Chevy Volt

Every night we’d plug the car into a standard outlet. It would take all night to charge, but in the morning on a full battery, my wife could almost make it to the office and back  using almost no gas. If I were to have a car like this as my own, we’d of course upgrade to the higher voltage outlet to charge it much faster.

Chevy has done something that at first felt like a gimmick, but here days later I’m still thinking about. They’ve gamified the driving of your car.

As you drive, there is a little spinnging globe (on the right of the photo above) that shows when you are driving the most efficiently. Acelerate or brake to fast and it goes off the grid, but do either smoothly and it’ll keep spinning with it’s little congratulatory leaves. Yesterday, as I was driving my own car I found myself not punching the gas, but doing it more gradually as the reminder of how to be more efficient grew in my head.

So, what did we think of the car? We loved it, but here are the good and the could be better points.

The Good

  • The hybrid nature of the car is great since finding a place to plug in is still a rarity. Range anxiety is very real and until the batteries can hold a lot more charge and public places to recharge are common this is a must.
  • The Volt has more power than we imagined it would. It was a blast to drive and it’s “sport mode” is extra fun to play with.
  • Never having to fill up with gas for the entire week was a blessing.
  • You feel safe in it as the design wraps around you and the eight airbags are all clearly labeled so you can’t help but feel safe.
  • The keyless entry was a nice upgrade from our current cars. You leave the keychain in your purse or pocket and get in and out without ever having to touch it. I had it set so that after I got a certain distance away it automatically locked the doors.

2012 Chevy Volt

2012 Chevy Volt

The Could Be Better

  • The dashboard is horribly organized. Buttons are in no sort of order and the last thing I want to be thinking about while driving is how where to change the temperature in the car.
  • The interior needs to be updated so that the cup holders are not so far back that they get in the way of driving.
  • It needs power seats that allow the driver to be higher. Both my wife and I felt like we were in a low rider the entire time.
  • Improve the bluetooth connectivity so that it auto detects devices when you return to the car. Having to connect my phone each time is not a good thing.
  • Our kids said that the back seat was not comfortable for taking a nap in. They are eleven and thirteen and thought it could use a bit more legroom as well since I drive with the seat all the way back and they didn’t have a lot of room behind me.
  • Better battery technology that holds a longer charge.

The biggest problem though is the cost. This isn’t just a problem with the Volt, but almost all hybrid cars are still very expensive because the demand isn’t there for them yet. Until the prices come down, they are never going to catch on with enough people to really shift the auto industry in the direction that they need to go. I hope the technology improves at a much more rapid pace so that the cost can be lowered and these type of cars become the norm, rather than a vanity.

All in all, we thoroughly enjoyed the Chevy Volt and are now curious to try other hybrid cars since we are sold on the concept.

This car could easily replace my wife’s commuter car. A quick search online shows that many of the things we didn’t like are currently being worked on so maybe the 2013 will be even better?

2012 Chevy Volt

It isn’t big enough to be our family car since while it has a nice sized trunk area, it wouldn’t hold our black lab and enough supplies for a weekend away which is how we judge.

A big thank you to Chevy for listening online. When I put out a call to automobile manufacturers on Twitter that we were looking to rent a hybrid car for a week to test them out they were the only ones that responded. Guess more car companies need to work on their listening skills. *grin*

And yes, I took all of these photos myself except for the dashboard one which my wife took.

2012 Chevy Volt

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C.C. Chapman


Sketch of C.C. Chapman by Hey Instigator!There are many aspects OF who I am and what I do. Putting together THIS PAGE is one of my least favorite things to write because talking about myself is not my idea of a fun time.

When asked what I do my current answer is, “I create, teach and motivate people to do more good in the world.”

Of course, that doesn’t cover all that I work on professionally and personally, so that is why I created this page.

Official bios and headshots can be found below.

Who is C.C. Chapman? I’m a…


I’m constantly writing and always working on my next book. You may have read some of my published works including Amazing Things Will HappenContent Rules or 101 Steps to Making Video Like a Pro.

Freelance writing or citizen reporting assignments excite me.


If I had to choose a style, I’d say my photos are a mix of documentary, travel and lifestyle photography. While I may not enjoy taking head shots, I love to shoot faces. I rarely go anywhere without a camera in my hand and I’ve been fortunate to see my photos on the pages of Rolling Stone and The Wall Street Journal.

I’m currently shooting with a Canon 80D, an iPhone 7+ and a Chroma 4k Drone.

My photos can be found on Instagram and Flickr.

Marketing Consultant

With over twenty years of marketing, online media and community building experience I have the skills and experience to help your organization no matter the size. Previous clients have included The Coca-Cola Company, American Eagle Outfitters and HBO.

I focus on social good/impact marketing, content marketing and brand strategy. My favorite clients are NGOs, nonprofits or brands looking to make a difference in the world.

Feel free to double check my credentials on LinkedIn.

Keynote Speaker

I’m happiest when on stage educating and inspiring an audience of any size, anywhere in the world.

I have spoken at everything from large international events, corporate retreats and at special gatherings of unique individuals. If you need someone who will inspire, educate and entertain your audience I’d love to chat.

Advocate & Volunteer

I believe in using my skills, time and voice to champion causes that are important to me. I’m especially interested in anything military, dogs or children focused.

I’m currently the President of the Board at Wediko, a member of the ONE Girls & Women Advisory Board, serve on the board of The Hockey Foundation and recently joined the No Kid Hungry Social Council.


I’ve developed and taught courses for Lynda.com, CreativeLive and Treehouse. I’m also an Adjunct Professor of Marketing at Bentley University and hoping to do more teaching in the future.


On top of all that I’m a proud life long New Englander who was born and raised in New Hampshire, but now resides outside of Boston.

I married my high school sweetheart, have two amazing kids and love being a dad.

I’ve been online since 1989, began blogging in 2002 and podcasting in 2004.

Previous endeavors I created include Accident Hash, Passion Hit TV, Digital Dads and The Advance Guard.

Tattoos, travel and the outdoors turn me on. There are fewer things more perfect than a well-done cocktail, a delicious meal or live art of any sort. I love my GORUCK, Field Notes and am a proud Misfit.

To understand me is to understand that I try to live a purposeful life every day that is full of adventure, love and making the world around me a better place for all.

Official Bio

C.C. Chapman describes himself as a New England raised storyteller, explorer, and humanitarian. Others have described him as a thought leader in the online marketing space, a grounded futurist and one the nicest guy on the Internet. Over the years of his career, he has worked with a variety of clients including Nike, HBO, American Eagle Outfitters, ONE, Verizon FiOS and The Coca-Cola Company.

He is the co-author of the International bestseller Content Rules and is also the author of Amazing Things Will Happen. He travels the world speaking in front of audiences to do more in the world and how to understand content marketing better.  C.C. has taught classes for Lynda.com, CreativeLive and now as an adjunct professor at Bentley University (where he also graduated from).

C.C. is an advocate who speaks about building passionate communities and the strategic values of content-based marketing. He is a Samsung Imagelogger, the original ONE Dad and a UN Foundation Social Good Fellow. As a storyteller for hire, his work has appeared on the pages of Rolling Stone and The Wall Street Journal.

C.C. is the past Chairman of the Board at Wediko and currently serves on the board of The Hockey Foundation. He happily lives in the woods outside of Boston with his loving family. Find out more at CC-Chapman.com


Fun Bio

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more multi-faceted or enthusiastic creative/strategic partner in the marketing and content creation fields. This greatly hails from C.C.’s unstoppable combination of marketing experience and savvy (which a great many professionals claim to have), and incalculably valuable “on the ground” knowledge and insight as an influential content creator himself (which a great many professionals do not). The result is a best-of-both-worlds mashup of marketing expertise.

C.C. Chapman sports the pro cred to be a talker (working closely with such clients as American Eagle Outfitters, Coca-Cola, HBO and Warner Bros.), and the passion and gumption to be a doer (creating content for the emerging Online Dad market, marketing professionals, music fans and more). He’s helped create, manage and execute ambitious online and offline marketing campaigns for startups and multinationals — and has the invaluable good sense to know which outreach strategies work with audiences, and which ones fall flat.

He authoritatively speaks your language. He speaks your CMO’s language. Most important, he’s fluent in your market’s language. It’s a killer double-chocolate-and-peanut-butter combination. Contact C.C. to learn how he can help your organization achieve its business goals. There’s, even more, to know about C.C. Chapman if you want to read it — and you should. C.C.’s skills are an embarrassment of riches.


Head Shots

CC-Chapman-Cubelean     CC-AYASummit

CC Chapman Headshot Vertical    CC-armscrossed


I’m involved with a lot of organizations and clients. I believe in being completely transparent and open about everything I’m working on. I’ll do my best to keep this updated and of course, will clearly disclose relationships in any post that require them.

I am open to being pitched and invited on press trips.

Companies do send me items in the hopes that I will review it or share with my community. If you send me something it does not guarantee a review.

With that in mind, my mailing address is:

9 C Medway Road #117
Milford, MA

Current relationships include:

  • Verizon FiOS provides me with service in exchange for a monthly post on technology of my choosing


Affiliate links are used whenever they are available when linking to products of any sort.

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