Happy New Year?


I missed all the usual New Years celebrations this go around.

The past couple of days I’ve ached all over and generally felt like ass. Thankfully, a couple days of doing nothing finds me starting to feel human again.

While my family and the neighborhood got together to watch the ball drop, I curled up on the couch with the animals and watched half a season of LA Ink.

I’m aware that it is now 2013 because we’ve changed the calendars and I’ve seen all the firework displays from all over the world on the news. But, because I didn’t see any of the celebrations when they happened (I went to bed long before Times Square got insane) I’m in a bit of limbo today.

It is a strange realization that while I know we are in a new year, it does not feel any different to me. It feels like a Wednesday.

That is the point I think I’m trying to make this morning. It IS just another day today and tomorrow will be another.

We get hung up around dates and the flip of a calendar, when the reality is that very little of our goals or achievements are tied to the same actions.

The smart among us realize that any day is a great day to start something new. Tomorrow is the worse day to start something, when you have the time today.

The gyms will be packed this week, but where were all those people over the last two weeks when the gyms were quiet. A date on a calendar should never be the driving motivation to be a better person.

2013 is going to be a year of ups and downs for all of us. None of us know what the year holds, but many of us know what we’d like it to be for us. I just hope many of you starting working towards those goals days and weeks ago instead of waiting for the permission that January 1st gives people.

Make it a great year. Make it the year you want!

  • I could not agree more! It should be a date of reflection if anything (I like to use my birthday as the start to a new year instead of the calendar flip because it’s a new year for me). I look at where I have been and where I am going but I never set resolutions. The reason is the same as you stated above. Why should I quit smoking or start working out simply because it is 2013 instead of 2012? This line is simply awesome “Tomorrow is the worse day to start something, when you have the time today.”

  • I said the same thing when 12-12-12 rolled around. Even did a podcast – small plug if I may: https://soundcloud.com/larrysnow/live-every-day-like-it-was-12 What is so different, it is just a date, you should be just as excited, motivated, resolute, on 12-31 as folks seem to be on 1/1.

  • Hey CC,

    The New Years Eve TV celebrations were disappointing. You didn’t miss much. We watched movies. Flipped over to NBC just in time to hear PSY in the background, across Times Square, on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest on CBS, so I changed the channel. That was a funny moment.