Stop Eating Baby Food


Why are we are letting ourselves be dumbed down?

Too many of us are only interested in overly simplified blog posts promising us magical equations, top ten lists and the secrets of the social platform du jour.

Babies are given blended up gloop because it is all their bodies can handle. It is yummy, easy and they enjoy eating it. Those first spoonfuls of more substantial and solid food are not always enjoyable and more ends up on the floor than in their mouths. Yet, we all grow up and stop eating baby food.

So, why is it that we want to same old gloop every day in what we consume?

Take a look at the posts and articles that are getting the most attention on any day online and most of them are of the baby food variety. There is nothing wrong with them and they will give your brain some satisfaction, but why don’t the thinking pieces get more traction.

We’ve become lazy in what we consume. We don’t want to think or have to chew on it after the fact. (Just look at reality television…)

I’ve been reading books way outside of my comfort zone. Recent reads certainly were not baby food, but they were familiar and comfortable. Part of my #3Words was to mix up my menu and I’m doing that with the videos I watch, blogs I read and books I go to bed reading.

When I read a post that looks at the obvious in a new way or get told a story unlike I’ve heard before it challenges me. It isn’t something I can scroll by on my iPhone without reading and feel better about doing so.

Stop craving the easy and the churned out. Begin consuming the hand crafted, nutrient filled and deeply sustaining.

  • It’s a slippery slope. First we had white papers, then blog posts, then Facebook posts, then tweets, now we are humming on images… What’s next?

  • This hit home. Need to really step even more out of my comfort zones.

  • Great point CC. W e’re all getting bombarded with choices thanks to the Internet and social media. That’s not a bad thing, but what do many people do when faced with so much information, and so little time? They skim, and that makes me believe that’s why so many “top five tips” type articles are selected to be read. what do you think?

  • I personally enjoy Olivier Blanchard’s posts because they are very deep into whatever story his sharing or issue he is covering. I have to agree we need to focus more on learning more complex things.

  • Great message and recently I’ve been trying to do more of that. Am currently reading “Don Quixote” and last summer I went to a Shakespeare play, Richard III. Both the book and play were written about 400 years ago so I guess quality lasts 🙂

  • Great reminders – and yes, you and Nick are both right… we have moved from “classics” to pictures that are meant to tell the entire story, create relevance and make us look at things in a different way – tall order for an image! I fully agree with you – last year I was giving a two day presentation on moving innovation and messaging forward, and read a LOT of books I wouldn’t normally have chosen, and it was so good to do a little mind expansion. There is a lot of “quinoa vs candy” ready out there, and like you, I encourage people to DIG IN. Thanks!