The Shift


The shift is happening if we like it or not.

The web is becoming wearable. Consumption of content is evolving. Vevo is the new MTV and we willingly click on links to watch advertisements on YouTube.

Yesterday, as we recorded the latest episode of Media Hacks, we were discussing all of these things. Later on Facetime, Clarence Smith Jr. and I brainstormed around a site refresh, RSS and the way the web use to be. Then the announcement came that Google Reader was being killed off.

The wave we’ve been on is starting to roll over and a new one is forming.

I spent the last 30 minutes rolling through videos on 5by that the site suggested to me. Will it learn what I like and give me even more relavent videos the more I use it? This is what Zite does since I read it every morning instead of a newspaper while listening to CNN on the television.

Will we give up some of our data in exchange for better curation of everything we interact with? You bet!

Will marketers pounce on this data like drooling hyenas? Of course!

The evolution of technology in our lives is speeding up. What was only in the imagination of science fiction writers is now becoming reality.

Companies are just beginning to understand the possibilities of the social web and that is great news, but the smart ones are starting to look beyond that to what is coming.

The shift is upon us and my mind can’t stop pondering all the possibilities.

I get a rush from the ride and right now it is a ton of fun.

  • Whitney Hoffman

    I know. having been around this stuff for a while, every time I see something like Google Reader being killed off, It’s like having your good old reliable ____(fill in the blank) die, and having to replace it and rejigger the way you do things. I was having a conversation yesterday about a company not being happy with the amount Amazon and Apple take from their book projects, but if you want wide distribution, you are playing in their marketplace, and that’s the way it is- other modes won’t get you the wideness you might want, but you need to do the math to see whether or not the economics work…

    Having one kid heading off to college and another warming up to go in three years, I know they are seeing even more disruption than we see- they barely learn how to do something one way before it’s toast. The difference between my kids- three years and three months has meant things like : VHS vs. DVD’s; having to take Microsoft office as a freshman versus Social Networking; Shop and Tech Arts in middle school; playstation vs. xbox; even in this three year gap, there’s almost a generation difference in adaptation to new things and having to switch to something else. it’s amazing.

  • Oh man. 5by.

  • I’m reminded of Ben Franklin:

    “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”