Create From Your Head and Heart First

I watch as the snow falls outside my office window as the flurry of updates fall across my HootSuite screen.

While every snow storm is different and unique, the links, lists and reviews continue to be the same old same old.

The more I thought about this, the more I realized I should fire up the microphone and record the first episode of Managing the Gray for 2014.

Listen and you’ll hear me think about and work out my thoughts around the first hours of the new year and how I hope people will choose to create in the future.

See you at NMX or CES?


  • More than OK: feeling like a kindred spirit. Cheers! Kaarina

    • Love hearing that!

      • You know when they say “when the student is ready, the teacher appears”?…and that the right message appears at the right time in the right moment when the moment is right? You’ve emboldened me to continue on the path that doesn’t put stats and analytics and SEO yadayada first, but write for the sheer joy of writing, sharing and hopefully making a difference. Connecting and conversing, talking with people, not at them…contributing, being of service, caring. I’m a renaissance woman living in a digital world that almost allowed that digital world to swallow me whole. Your words hit me at precisely the right time.

      • THAT is what I love to hear.

        I created and shared this because it felt good and right to me, but after it was done I of course hope people would enjoy it, share it and take what they needed from it.

        I’ve never been about the sexy headline and the list for a sake of a list. I’m sure I’d be more successful in some circles if I did, but it would suck my soul dry and life is too short for that.

      • Well, the timing of it and the sentiment of it are just what I needed to hear. The online world had lost a lot of lustre for me, as I saw more and more hear-me-see-me-listen-to-me-buy-from-me-me-me-me, and I was seriously considering abandoning it all and moving to a cave. But now, I shall do what I do best: write from the muse, share, care and “be”.
        BTW, totally stupid question…I unsubscribed (because I saw no option to change my contact information) because I now have a new email address. Am I missing the email option somewhere on your site to receive your updates/posts via email? See?…I’ve already moved to the cave, haha!

      • NO stupid questions in this world. In fact I realized I never added that to the site when I redid it months ago. WHOOPS!

        I’ll be adding it back (thank you) but you can go to and it’ll let you subscribe.

        Glad I kept you out of the cave.

      • Woohoo, we have ignition! Outta’ the cave and back on your email subscription list. All the best with YSN, Having designed and implemented a Mentoring Program for entrepreneurs for 8 years, and participated in creating one for youth, I’ll be watching with interest.

  • Loved this. I hope to hear more episodes soon.
    So good catching up at NMX. Cya sooner than later!

    • There WILL be more… of the things I promised myself