Doing Work That Matters


When asked recently what sort of work I was looking for I simply replied, “I want to do work that matters.”

This is why I accepted the role of President of the Board at Wediko and Storyteller In Residence for Awake Aware America.

Today as I reflect on the horrible events that unfolded a year ago here in Boston it has me focused even more on the truth that none of us are promised tomorrow.

That is why Managing the Gray Episode #132 is titled Doing Work That Matters.

Thank you for listening.

  • Have faith. I, also, want to work with those people…and I do. However, sometimes it sucks not to “drink the koolaid”. When asked by an “A-Lister”, what do you do?, I said:
    “Unlike you, my clients aren’t on the cover of a magazine. I work with the nameless, faceless throngs of business owners/entrepreneurs who are just as deserving of top-level help, support and assistance, but often don’t get it, because it’s not sexy or glamorous to work with them.”

    I analogize to sports, because my background is Olympic coaching. I say that the top-level coaches should be working with the very young ones, because that’s where we can really make a difference. Otherwise, we inherit the bad habits that got ingrained in them from a young age, and we have the difficult task of trying to de-train things that should never have been trained in the first place.

    The same goes for doing work that matters. Even though it’s not as lucrative: even though it doesn’t bring the spotlight: even though sometimes I get PO’d to see people rake in the money and accolades for inferior work in the same field as mine: I know that I make a difference every day. You can probably tell I’m passionate about what I do, and that my basis of my life is like the Young Man and the Starfish…it makes a difference to that one. Cheers! Kaarina

  • I’m glad you’re back behind the mic. Yes, you CAN find work that matters, but I’ve learned it’s a process not an outcome. Pardon the link to one of my podcasts (I’m not selling anything), but back in January I was provoked to write/record it because of similar struggles you’re expressing here.

  • The only problem with “work that matters” is that not all work that matters pays the bills. We also need to consider sometimes doing work that doesn’t “matter” in order to pay the bills so we can do the work that does matter. That’s where I find myself most of the time.

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  • Hatem G. Kotb

    “It really should be easier to do work that matters.” –> true :’)