Know Thyself

Morning Doodling

My morning began with finding out a close friend’s father had passed away. It was followed shortly with a sick child. It is still early enough that I’m wondering what the third thing might be.

Some may say “typical Monday,” but I don’t look at any day differently than another. Each that I’m above ground is a good one in my book.

I’ve been looking at the social streams that I’ve decided to sit on the banks of and have been clearing them out more than usual.

The weekend full of links, lists and look at me is something I don’t want to spend time on any more. The constant flow of the same-old-same old without any fresh or outside of the norm thinking isn’t stimulating.

I take photos. I read. I wonder about what comes next.

I know it isn’t another tweetup or #HashtagFueledEventForNoReason.

Over the weekend I had a stranger email me looking for advice.

As I always do I responded with some honest advice and it was taken in the worse possible way.

The world too often looks for the answers they want to hear rather than what they need to be told. I clicked archived and moved on. I told myself not to dwell on it, but yet it keeps creeping up in the back of my brain.

Last night, I kicked back on the couch and watched the Grammys like I do every year. Award shows to me are fun because I love the emotions in the acceptance speeches and the weird performances that go on make me smile even when they are bad.

The ‘Same Love’ ceremony might have appeared as a gimmick to some, but to me it was beautiful and I try not to think what some news outlets are saying about it this morning.

Half-way through the show I made the mistake at looking at my streams during a commercial and of course it was the typical marketing blargh and snarky snipes. I didn’t look again.

I know that while I could easily promote and pimp harder than I do. I know that there are blog posts I could write and statements I could make. But, at the end of the day I know that none of them would satisfy my soul or make me feel good with myself.

Thus, I go forward in my own way. Sure, the spotlight doesn’t always shine in my direction and I’m ok with that.

I watch. I judge in silence.

I’m comfortable with who I am and what I choose to do. I know myself pretty well by this point in life.

I ramble because I can.

  • I love this 🙂

  • This is great, CC. Perspective like this is so important.

    • I appreciate you chiming in.

      I had to write this to clear out my head. There was too much rattling around in there and while I though about putting it all down in my journal, I instead opted for hear because it had to be said.

  • Jonathan Hutchinson

    I have been doing similar online cleanup. Trying to remove as much constant negativity surrounding me. Your words really resonate with me this morning.

  • Jenn Pipe

    Love this. The only things we truly have any control over in life are the things we do, the thoughts we think, and the words we speak. Know thyself is timeless advice. And, for the record, I thought the Same Love ceremony was one of the most beautiful and powerful things I have seen on TV in quite some time.

  • This made my day, C.C. and it’s only 9:10.

    • Glad to hear it. Hope the rest of your morning was great since it is much later now.

      • I’m back from a beating from the stomach flu. I’m kicking Monday’s ass. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday better watch out! 🙂

  • Steve Woodruff

    Mark Schaefer has been writing recently on “content shock” – the growing flood of stuff that we can’t possibly keep up with. What we’re also seeing is a lot of “content shlock” – a growing flood of nonsense that we don’t WANT to keep up with. Sometimes it’s a relief to just walk away…

    • Yeah, that Mark guy is a smart one 🙂

      It is true that there is a deluge of shlock happening right now and the easiest thing to do is ignore it. Sometimes it is harder than others though.

  • Do what you love. Simple. And if what you love is reminding us all to do what we love, life is simpler. And happier. The week starts off on-base, love it.

  • Mark

    Hi CC, don’t ever stop rambling 🙂 I’ve been listening intently to your podcasts for years and while i subscribe to more podcasts than there are hours in a day, I always make time for managing the grey. Your genuine and thoughtful pep talks have given me the lift I needed on many occasions. You’re a good man CC, keep it up. Mark

    • Thank you. That is great to hear.

      Today it felt good to ramble with the keyboard rather than the microphone.

  • I’ve been thinking much the same thing since the start of the year, especially when I look at my Facebook and it’s hard to tell what’s stuff my friends are actually saying and what’s an ad. I’ve finally had enough—finished downloading my data and am closing the Facebook account in favor of Google+. I hardly ever use Twitter anymore, although I keep it open to one side and every now and then find something interesting to look at.

    I think after a while it just gets tiring constantly blasting “look at me!” and one just wants to be able to be himself regardless of who’s watching.

  • I made the same mistake with the SOTU. It made for a disappointing look at humanity.

    There are so many aspects of who you are that shine in this post. I love it. 🙂

  • Finally getting a chance to comment. You’re very right people want the easy answer but far more important is your honest advise. I still remember when your feedback about my StreetXSW project. It was tough to hear at the time but it helped me move on and create even better work. Thank you for that.

    Not everyone will get it. Not everyone takes honest advise well. But those of who can take it, your advise is incredibility valuable. Hope you have full moved on by now. 🙂

    • It wasn’t easy to give you either because constructive criticism is NEVER easy for anyone to hear, but because I wanted you to succeed I felt like it needed to be said.

      Thank you for commenting because it just reminded me that I think I owe you a reply to an email you sent.

      • 😉 To be honest I was more upset with myself. I felt like your comments were right on. You just get so close to the work that sometimes you miss things.