Living a Purposeful Life

Fargo Misfit Hugs

Today’s podcast focuses on the confirmation I received in Fargo on the importance of living a purposeful life.

Listen and let me know what you think.

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  • My goal too. I strive to live a purposeful misfit life. Just completed another addition to my first “publicly shared” work of fiction, The Winter of Her Life. Haven’t hit publish because I write longhand on lined paper, in beautiful journals. Now the transcription will begin. On Geoff Livingston’s blog I commented: This post makes me think of all the words I’d use to describe the types of content I’d like to find/see, and that I aspire to create. Words like romantic, laugh-out-loud-able, soft, lyrical, poetic, enchanting, vibrant, visual, relatable, exotic, unusual, ah-ha-able…I could go on and on, but the essence is…does the writing make me feel something, experience something, sense something, evoke something. I want more of that. I want to create more of that. And I will. Cheers! Kaarina

  • YES CC… Amazing things happen when we focus on purpose driven, higher purpose living. We tell our boys it’s about feeding your soul, not just your body. Listening with trust, faith and an open heart helps! Wishing you a delicious day darling man – MUAH! ♥

  • “It didn’t start with doubt…” I love that. So many times, when I’ve talked about ideas with others, the reactions often begin with, “Well…” and go downhill from there.

    I’ve never thought too much about what I view as my purpose. I suppose it’s just, “Be happy doing the things I like doing.” I’ve always done things I liked, but for such a long time — because I wasn’t doing those things full time — life hurt because I looked at my day job as 40+ hours away from totally doing the things I love. Then one day I was chatting with a friend who’s a full time artist. He talked about how he was so tired of working on licensed content to pay the bills, instead of the things he wanted to do…the art he dreamed about doing since childhood.

    It hit me that my day job offers some sense of security, but not enough that I ever become complacent and lose that hunger for doing the things that matter most to me…and working at making that what I do all day in the future. But right now: being able to do the things I want to do — not just what sells — is a luxury in its own right, even if my day job takes up a lot of my week.